Spices Tea

East Java tea farmers care for their tea plants with love, through various processes to produced selected teas. Premium black tea that we mix with cardamom, cloves, cinna build the body's immune system. product needed during covid 19mon, black cumin, lime peel to produce a fresh aroma, delicious taste and healthybenefits, this helps

Spices Coffe

Coffe Farmers in Wonosalam, East Java Indonesia care for coffe gardens with love, in harvest the number of peaberry coffe 5-10%. We mix this choice with cardamom,cloves, cumin and ginger so that the stamina of coffe lovers is maintaned

our product

Spices Tea


Spices Coffe



why choose us ?

A unique product in terms of taste, as well as health benefits.

This product with the expertise of a barista has become a menu variant for the business. 

Becomes a delicious taste when mixed Fruits, milk and chocolate without leaving the original taste